Let’s take a minute…

Let’s take a little minute to sit back, relax and enjoy. I don’t want to give away everything in one night (for once :P), so I will curb my…prolific nature, and take a step back from all this to just, chill, hang, relax. All that shit.

How about a little bit of background info…your Little Miss Overshare is from country Victoria, Australia (well it WAS country back in my day). I grew up in the usual family household, siblings, parents, pets. It all flittered away over the years, but I’m remarkably unbitter about it.

I was pretty tame, reserved, even through the Black Belt and the eight months break (with a guy for every month, on average) up until I decided to take my clothes off for money.

Yeah, you heard me.

Me, LMO, danced around in somewhere between next-to-nothing and actually nothing in one of Melbourne’s premier clubs for four years. And, oh, the stories I could tell! But not today, not tonight.



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