Scuba Steve

Now I know my list is not in order, because reading down a few lines, Scuba Steve was definitely after them, but this is the order in which I remembered them when I first decided to write them down many moons ago, so this is the order they’re being blogged. And that’s that.

Scuba Steve came into the restaurant I walked one evening with his family. Sat in my section, internal high fives on my end when I spotted him. Before I made my way over for the preprogrammed round of “Hi, welcome to blahblah, my name is LMO and I’ll be your waitress this evening”, one of our other wait staff, let’s call him Sunny, came over and informed me that his family had just been seated in my section. Of course it was the table with the hot guy. His older brother in point of fact. Staff etiquette meant I shouldn’t bang his brother. But I totally did. When they were leaving, he called me over to “say thank you” and slipped me his number. We caught up the next weekend. Scuba Steve was an average lover, but had a really cool fish tank, thus the name Scuba Steve. He only got one round as he is one of those men who don’t understand women who can separate sex from relationships and even though I quite explicitly outlined what I was and was not up for (routine sex the former and a relationship the latter) he didn’t believe me, got weird and got cut off.

I do promise that as we get further into my life these things will improve, but to my credit, this is a solid 8ish years ago!


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