Donkey Kong

Sometimes the little list makes me laugh, cry, sigh or scowl. This particular entry is always a laugh, with a name like Donkey Kong, how could you not? Now, before we go any further, he’s not Donkey Kong because he liked to jump barrels and rescue blonde bimbos (although….). He was Donkey Kong because he was hung like a donkey. Like….words fail me. This was a fucking beautiful penis. And he had such a slight frame, the mind boggles! All the anatomy in the world now wouldn’t avail me to the answer on how that particular match happened, but I, for one, certainly am not complaining!

Donkey Kong and I met on a Wednesday, out clubbing. Quite a few of the upcoming entries will have similar stories, because Edgy on a Wednesday was the place to be! And, for me, a most spectacular hunting ground, though it did have its pitfalls as will be discussed at a later date.

I was there with some friends, lets call them Nurse Betty and The Carni. I was in the line to get drinks when this rather gorgeous guy starts chatting to me, DK. After much flirtation occurred and drinks were procured, I made my way back to the girls to be greeted by squeals of “OMG, I banged that guy and it was amazing! You really should try out that ride for yourself.”

So I did.

It was good.

Then there was the usual small talk and jokes, I splashed a bit of water on my face, got dressed and drove back to the Edgy. Where about 30mins later I bumped into DK again. Happy hunting you pretty penis you, go make women happy.

In summary….

Thank you genetic anomalies for beautiful penises like that.


LMO and the rest of the penis loving humans on this planet.


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