Young Man Dan

Okay now I know this list is out of order….really, REALLY out of order, because YMD came way after a few people listed after him. But who am I to mess with a good story??

I met YMD at the club, you know, the one where I got paid heinous cash to not be myself (or even more to actually be myself), one night. The club was hosting a competition that night and one of the entrants had invited a few mates, and one of those mates invited his mate, YMD.

So we flirted, hung out, and ended up going out dancing with my friend E after we knocked off work. Next Saturday night, same thing happened, only there was a lot of grinding and kissing at said venue, then we made the LONG trek back to his place (prolly wouldnt have gone if I had of known how very far away that was, but anyway). We quietly snuck in, me, in my head, trying to be respectful of room mates. It was pitch dark and I couldnt see one foot in front of my face, but successfully managed to not knock into anything.

Then proceeded to have quite incredible and not too quiet sex.

That was…until his mum walked in because she thought something was wrong.

His. Mother.

It wasnt room mates we were being quite for, it was his family. I was in his family home, with his parents just down the hall and his little sister practically next door. OMG I couldve died. Actually wanted to sink through the floor and disappear. At 22 years of age I was getting the “respect” speech. It was about this time that I found out he wasnt early 20’s, like all his friends. He was 18. And in high school.

I wish I could say that that was that, But it wasnt. The sex was too good and I was like a kid in a candy store, sneaking in and out of his bedroom via a window (oh the shame). It last a few months, we dated, but I should’ve taken my own oft given advice.

Toy boys are fun too play with, but they belong with the rest of the toys. Not in your bed.

We ended in fights and fury and I went on to get even more fabulous, even if I do say so myself, while he went on to get fat (I know because I stalked). Too this day, that is just so damn satisfying.



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