The Realtor

Honestly, I’d love to know how this list got so incredibly out of order. I met the realtor when I was out for drinks with London, who’s story is another 11 slots down the list! The OCD side of my personality HATES that this list is wrong, but I’ve started this blog by working my way down the list and I’m too stubborn to try and change that now.

Plus, I’d end up doing things in the wrong order anyway cause I wouldnt remember until typing some other story, and then it would just be a vicious circle of hate and regret. Sooooo….the realtor!

My first encounter with the realtor was when I was at Transport catching up with some friends I’d been in Thailand with/meet over there and busted him staring at me across the bar. Excused myself at some point to go to the toilet, and he followed me (later admitted to following my arse up the stairs) and then we “happened” to walk back down the stairs together and he started chatting. Ended up exchanging numbers. Two weeks later, met up for coffee, agreed should do dinner soon.

He came over for dinner about a week later, it was a wednesday, he brought along a really nice bottle of red, not a shit cheapo one, but a nice drop! I have no idea what we had for dinner, or…wait…we went out for dinner, we must have, because I remember getting back to my place and I, not knowing what else to say, asked if he’d like a coffee. I actually meant a coffee…he came up not expecting a coffee.

Needless to say, we did not have coffee. We had some phenomenal mindblowing foreplay in which I learnt that people who talk for a living have absolutely excellent…linguistic skills. The sex was good too. But OMG the foreplay. Ah-maze-ing.

I actually dont remember much else, pretty sure he didnt stay. Fairly certain we did that again, no, wait, I know we did, I have recollections of daylight and it certainly wasnt daylight the first time around. He remarked on my amazing responsiveness (it’s a gift, its a god damn gift that I cherish), and how much he enjoyed/appreciated that (I’m sure there’s a more eloquent word but right now I can’t find it).

I ended up stopping seeing him because I started seeing the next guy…which I always wonder about…I mean, good taste in coffee, good wine, great head, ripper body…maybe I missed my calling as a trophy wife.

Yeah I laughed at that too


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