The Rally Driver

In all my wild and crazy adventures, this story is most definitely not one of them. I met The Rally Driver at a trivia night that I went to with Siobhan and her boyfriend at the time. Wooh, so crazy.

The Rally Driver is another one of those where I’m not sure what happened entirely. He wasnt attractive. And I’m pretty sure that first night post trivia when he had a girlfriend we made out “secretly” on the floor behind the couch in Siobhans boyfriends room. Can’t remember if anything else happened (probably did) but I do remember not caring because a) drunk and b) not my relationship = not my problem.

The Rally Driver got his name accurately, he used to love rally driving and had a ripping car for it. I used to navigate for him sometimes (which is why I’m an absolutely shocking passenger seat driver. Shockingly annoying, but very good at it). Anyway, slightly pointless information that.

What we did a lot of, was sex in cars. On cars. Around cars. His car, my car, strangers cars (sorry not sorry!). Considering both of us drove two seater cars, and I’m a solid 177cm in my barefeet and TRD would’ve been a shade taller, it was very acrobatic/contortionist style sex. I have previously had gear shifts imprinted in some odd places like the inside of my thigh, or my lower back (seriously, THINK about that for a minute!)

It all came to a crashing halt when I came round to his place one time and the sex was just odd. Felt angry, which I don’t mind, but his facial expression was gritted teeth style determination, coupled with the anger, was just so unattractive that I not only couldn’t finish (tragedy!) but I couldn’t see him again. Made some pathetic piss poor excuse (its not you, it’s me) and moved on.



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