The Tank Engine

Exit Vitamins. Enter The Tank Engine. You know, the little engine that could? I’m amused too.

The Tank Engine was also ridiculously hot. The first night post kebabs, we went to my place and had what can only be described as only just average length penis sex, also known as, energetically and with great gusto, thus, the little engine that could. The little engine that could FOR HOURS. No wonder he had such a good body, I’d end up dripping sweat and gasping for air like I’d run a marathon. Which technically probably had done a harder workout than running 42 km.

TTE and I ended up at a couple of music festivals together that I went to with E (god I love that woman, she features in a few more stories). After said festivals, we would have more of the energetic I-need-a-week-to-physically-regain-strength activities, which considering they also occurred after hours of energetic dancing and running around and some STUPIDLY long walks (seriously, who thinks walking from Calder Park to Taylor’s Lakes in the middle of the night is a good idea?! Especially when half the group are off chops and I managed to convince them that stinging nettles were poisonous and they full jumped around them screaming the whole way, sooooo funny).

Things with TTE and I fizzled out as the festival season died off in winter, aka, after Winter Sounds. It was a lot of energy to commit that I really couldn’t be bothered to do, and that was that.



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