Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as cholecalciferol…the actual vitamin, not this bloke. Vitamin D got his name because he worked for Go Vita selling vitamins and I had sex with him, thus the D part of the nickname.

I met VitD at the club where I took my clothes off. He was a a customer there. I’d had a couple too many shots, just enough for me to lose my “dont be creepy” inner mantra. So I was walking across the floor, saw this ridiculously hot guy, decided to stop and tell him that I found him stupidly attractive and then sauntered on my merry way. He then got up and chased me across the floor and asked if we could go for a dance. Oh hell yes! I was going to get paid to wiggle around on super attractive man, winning! Got through my dance still adhering to all club rules (back when they had them!) and at the end he asked for my number. I gave it to him. Went round to his place once or twice over the span of the next few months. Sex was pleasurable but not overly memorable. I remember he was seriously hot but thats about all I’ve committed to memory. The pertinent facts.

One evening whilst at work, he messaged me to ask if I was on that night. I eagerly replied that I was thinking I would be getting guaranteed sex at the end of my shift, and organised for him and his friend to get in for free (stripper privileges). He rocks up not far off the end of my shift (about 1am), stops to say hi as I’m on table sojourns at the bar with his equally-if-not-more attractive friend, then disappears upstairs. I get off table, introduce self to friend, go downstairs check my phone and my roster (crossed off, home time!) and go back up to wait for Vitamins to reappear. And wait. And wait.

About an hour later, his friend informs me that Vitamins really has “asian fever” as he so eloquently put it, and how surprised he was when he met me that I’m Aussie, and that he wasnt likely to reappear any time soon. I responded with “uh….well…I’m starving so I’m going to go get food” to which he asked if he could come along.

And thats how I stopped banging vitamins and started banging his friend.



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